Customized Student Tours

The “Ed” in Ed-Ventures stands for education. Since 1974 we’ve operated tours for adults and students. Our overriding philosophy is to offer programs of high quality, acquaint the traveler with the people, cultures, and history of the countries visited and to install in the traveler the desire for life-long learning. Our emphasis is on quality and creating an experience that is life changing. We work with you to customize every detail of each tour we operate. Our objective is to enhance the educational experience you seek for your students and strengthen the bonds your alumni have with your institution.


If you would like to create your own student travel program please contact us.




Alpine Wanderer

Experience the beauty of the Alps in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. A breathtaking way to practice your German speaking skills.

Berlin to Bavaria

Traverse Germany from north to south, taking in the highlights from Berlin to Munich, with Salzburg included as a bonus. A perfekt opportunity to practice your German language skills.


Heart of Spain

Visit the highlights of central and southern Spain, including Madrid, Sevilla, Granada, Cordoba and Toledo, bringing the history and culture of our textbooks to life.

La Belle France

A panoramic tour of the sights and history of France, including stays in Paris, Normandy, the Loire Valley, Avignon, and Nice. A beautiful opportunity to practice a beautiful language.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica: Jungles, Volcanos & Beaches

A trip for the adventurous, enjoy nature walks around Arenal Volcano and Manuel Antonio National Park, ClassII/III white water rafting, zip lining, and beach exploration.

Costa Rica: Landscapes  & Language

Northern Spain

An opportunity to practice the Spanish language while enjoying white water rafting, a guided hike through a rainforest canopy, zip lines, a guided tour of Manuel Antonio National Park, and more.

See Barcelona, Zaragoza, San Sebastian, Burgos, Madrid and more on a tour of northern Spain. An opportunity to explore a rich heritage and culture of a less traveled area of Spain.

Spanish Treasures

A grand tour from Barcelona, to the beaches and culture of southern Spain, and finally to Madrid. An opportunity to practice the Spanish language and take in the wealth of Spain’s history.





Let the colors and sounds of Brazil fill you with energy, as we explore the country from the beaches of Rio to the rain forests of the Amazon.  



Italy Performance Tour


While you perfom all over Italy, you will get a chance to practice your Italian. Some of the highlighted cities you will see are Milan, Venice, Florence and Rome.



With visits to the historical sites of Beijing, the natural sites of Hangzhou and the busy commercial sites of Shanghai, this is the perfect overview of China.

Exploring China


China: Land & Language


Combining language study and sightseeing, this trip is the perfect opportunity to see major Chinese attractions and put our Mandarin skills to the test.



Peru: Land of the Incas

Practice your Spanish while you explore LIma, Urubama Valley, and Cusco. Along the way we will experience the breathtaking sites from the Incan Empire.





Visit Portugal, where explorers looked across the oceans and launched a global expansion of their culture, language, religion and traditions.  



Colonial Mexico

Experience the rich history that Mexico has to offer. Visit places like Mexico City, San Miguel de Allende, Guadalajara, and Patzcuro to bring the history and culture of Mexico alive.
See the culture of Mexico while takin in some of their beaches on this tour of Mexico. Practice your Spanish while touring from Mexico City to Cancun.

Mexico City and the Yucatan


Yucatan Service Learning

This is a chance of a lifetime to experience the Mexican culture and practice your Spanish while you help the community of Mérida. You will leave Mexico with a better understanding of the Spanish language, the rich heritage and culture.



From temples and mountains to bustling city markets, get a taste of Japan from all angles. A wonderful introduction to Japanese culture and history.

Japan: Land of the Rising Sun


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