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Customized Group Tours

Ed-Ventures has been arranging worldwide tours from our Rochester, MN base since 1974.  Our talented staff has the expertise to create unique itineraries in destinations around the globe.   Cumulatively, we’ve lived and traveled in over one hundred countries, and speak multiple languages fluently.  We understand the ins and outs of travel, and how to make your next tour a life changing experience.


The core of our business is custom tours. We will design and operate a tour based on your travelers’ dreams. Is there a specific destination you’d like to explore in-depth? Do you want to attend a special festival? Is there a theme you want to explore? We’ve worked with quilters in Ireland, marching bands in Italy, families exploring their Greek roots, and vintners in Oregon. Our clients range from junior high school students to retirees group trips. Contact us to start exploring opportunities for your next custom tour.


Our scheduled tours are usually single departure dates, allowing us to create unique programs that go off the beaten path.    We go beyond the “must sees” to include the “you’ve got to do this” experiences.  We’ll often include special festivals, hands-on activities, or meet the locals experiences.  The tours are all escorted by local guides who know their destinations inside and out.  See current listings under the date tabs below. 


Our full-service staff will help you find the perfect tour, book airfare and transfers, and provide you with insurance options. 


We’d love to have you travel with us.  Contact us to start your tour planning today!

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