Faith-based Tours

We all have stories about how travel breaks down walls and builds bridges of understanding and respect. While the current economy has stifled the travel industry in general, we have seen the faith-based market strengthen. Faith-based travel used to be defined as a pilgrimage or a mission trip. Today that definition has been expanded to be much more, as it encompasses not only the knowledge but the experience of faith with others. Faith-based groups travel anywhere in the world on trips lasting from one to many days; they travel to events, overseas or close to home; they visit a third-world country or an inner city, and their destinations can include the Holy Land, Rome or even Disney Land. They travel to a place where they can listen to or tell a story. They travel to reach out a helping hand or to reach out in understanding. The faith-based traveler will go where their own faith can be strengthened and refined, or where they can engage other cultures and build bridges of understanding. Ed-Ventures has helped arrange many faith-based tours for more than four decades. Below are some tours we currently have planned.

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Italy: Sites of the SaintsOct. 18 - 29, 2020

Tour Code: SJIT20

St. James Coffee House returns to Italy with Father Andrew Beerman leading us in touring and prayer.  Enjoy views of the picturesque countryside as we travel through central Italy to explore the legacies of St. Benedict, Padre Pio, St. Francis, St. Clare and more.  Visit massive monasteries and humble village churches.  Tour Roman sites with us, including visits to the Colosseum & Forum, the Vatican Museums and St. Peters, and a tour outside the city that leads us to more St. Francis and St. Benedict sites.  We’ll end this faith-filled visit with a Papal Audience at the Vatican.  All are welcome!
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Basilica di San Pietro with bridge in Va
Tour Cost:
$4,999 per person
double occupancy
Including flight from Minneapolis

Holy Family & Coptic Churches of Egypt including Nile Cruise

September 16 - 26, 2021

Tour Code: EHHF21


Special pricing for Egypt!  Ed-Ventures is passing along an incredible savings offer from our suppliers in Egypt.  This specially designed tour explores the lives of the Coptic Christians in Egypt, with a Nile River cruise and visits to the Pyramids at Giza, Temples and Tombs of Luxor, the Aswan High Dam and more.  Special pricing is available on several scheduled tours throughout 2021!


Tour Cost:
$3,199 per person
double occupancy
Cairo - Giza shutterstock_407439145.jpg

Plainview Churches travel to: IsraelFeb. 4 -15, 2022

Tour Code: JSPL22

"What is impossible with man is possible with God.” (Luke 18:27) There is no end to the miracles of the Holy Land, both large and small.  This tour visits many sites associated with miracles and signs from God.  From the creation of the Jewish state, to the birth of Our Lord, to feeding the multitudes and discovering scrolls buried for centuries.  Join the churches of Plainview, MN and immerse yourself in this land of miracles.
Tour Cost:
$2,319 per person
double occupancy
Dome of the Rock shutterstock_1256617819

Israel Pilgrimage • April 22-May 3, 2022

Tour Code: EDHL22

Join your friends from Ed-Ventures on a spiritual journey to the Holy Lands.  Each day is structured to include as many important sites as possible, moving in Israel along the Mediterranean coast from the roman amphitheater at Caesarea to Mary's well and the home of Mary Magdalene, and other biblical locations in the Galilee.  We see the baptismal site at the headwaters of the Jordan and send our prayers with the birds soaring high above Golan Heights. We visit the ancient strong-hold at Masada and float in the Dead Sea. Finally, we will spend several days in the Holy City of Jerusalem. You will be in awe of the things you see, and how so many will provide inspiration as they connect you to scripture, history, and your faith.

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Tour Cost:
$4,499 per person
double occupancy
Including flight from Minneapolis

Israel: Following in the Footsteps of Jesus • June 10 - 21, 2022

Tour Code: DAT22


Do you want to experience the Bible coming to life?

Would you like to walk in the places where Jesus walked?


These questions above are only the beginning in adequately describing the experience.  This is not intended to be a tour, but a journey of faith, fellowship, learning, worship, and letting history and the saints testify to us in ways that are not always possible on Sunday morning as the Bible comes to life. We will take time to study before we go and on the journey through the Holy Lands.  We will have time to worship together and learn from history and one another.  We will return home enriched in our faith with new insights and understanding. Join us on this Holy Lands tour in June 2022.

ancient architecture, old buildings and
Tour Cost:
$3,499 per person
double occupancy
Including flight from Minneapolis

Footsteps of Paul: Turkey & Greece • August 29 - Sept. 9, 2022

Tour Code: FSP22

Follow the footsteps of the great apostle Paul on this tour through Turkey and Greece. See the lands that Paul traveled while spreading the word of the Gospel, and see such highlights as Cappadocia, Izmir, and Ephesus. We learn about Troy, and marvel at the wonders of ancient Macedonia including Phillippi, the Ruins of Hierapolis, Corinth and much more! We also learn about Greek myths and ancient philosophies which come alive as we journey through the home of Plato and Socrates in this birthplace of Democracy. We’ll see the classic sites of the Acropolis, Agora, and the Temple of Poseidon in Athens. On our 3-day extension we cruise the glimmering Aegean Sea with stops in the places of the rich and famous like Mykonos, Patmos and Crete.  After the cruise, we have a final night of singing, dancing and good fun. Indeed, the New Testament will be alive and you will be inspired after a visit like this!
Acropolis with Parthenon shutterstock_10
Tour Cost:
$2,969 per person
double occupancy

Pilgrimage to Poland: Homeland of Pope John Paul II

Main Tour: September 8-17, 2022

Optional Extension to Germany:  Sept. 17-23, 2022 • Tour Code: SJP22

Join Father Tom Loomis and the St. James Coffeehouse on a journey of faith, friendship and fantastic sights in Poland.  We’ve carefully curated a collection of stops that will guide you through the country’s deep history and incredible global contributions.  We’ll show you lofty views from mountaintops, go deep into mines that will blow your mind, pray at elegant and inspiring churches and cathedrals and visit the humble abodes of some of the most influential people to have called Poland home.  There is a wonderful opportunity to combine this tour with an Oberammergau Passion Play extension into Germany.  The tour price includes many meals and airfare, with optional price available for other gateways or land-only.  
Old town square in Warsaw shutterstock_3
Tour Cost:
$4,789 per person
double occupancy
Including airfare from MSP