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Guaranteed Departures

​Planning a vacation is a big event, and the last thing you want to have happen is to have your tour cancelled. With the unfortunate reality of today’s global economy this is a real possibility, unless you join a tour that is guaranteed to travel. Through our travel alliance we can offer more than 200 such tours at any given time to virtually every destination in the world.

Ed-Ventures is part of an alliance of more than 18 similar tour companies operating tours around the world. This is a very prestigious group of companies that have much in common. Each company is an expert in the destinations they operate in, rather than trying to operate in every destination with less expertise. Each company has been established for decades, with a proven track record financially and with having satisfied travelers. Together we offer more than 200 guaranteed tours every year to destinations around the globe. You can search all of our tours below. These tours are guaranteed to travel - no cancellations!
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