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Ed-Ventures has moved! We are now at 308A Elton Hills Drive (just 5 doors East of where we were, in the same strip mall). We look forward to serving you in our new place!

Why Ed-Ventures

Ed-Ventures, Inc. is an International Tour Operator, based in Minnesota, specializing in Custom Tours. The “Ed” in Ed-Ventures stands for education, having started as two teachers who started a company offering tours for students. Times changed and our company expanded. Since 1974, we’ve operated tours for groups of adults as well as students. What hasn’t changed is our emphasis on quality and an experience that is life changing. We customize every detail of each tour we operate, and our list of tours with available space changes almost daily, so please check back regularly.

What to know before you go (updated Oct.

As a Partner of Travel Alliance Partners, (TAP) we are proud to offer more than 250 tours at any given time to virtually every destination in the world. Our packages are of the highest quality, the biggest variety, and the best value.

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