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Highlights of Egypt including Nile Cruise & Red Sea

 June 20, 2020; Sept. 26, 2020; Nov. 7, 2020

Tour Code: EHRS20


Let the alluring call of the Nile bring you to Egypt and all its majesty and mysteries.  Explore the iconic pyramids – One of the last remaining original “Wonder of the World”.   See the treasures once hidden inside, and the glorious inscriptions carved and painted on the temple walls to lead the cherished pharaoh to the afterlife.  Then, enjoy the 5-star service on-board our luxury cruise ship as we delve deeper into life along the Nile.  See, and touch, ancient temples that have withstood the ravishes of time. Explore the modern marvel of the Aswan Dam, and meander through temples and shrines that were saved from its flooding.  The gods, the Pharaohs, the land and the people have all had a hand in forming Egypt, and they’ll become a part of your stories. 


Tour Cost:
varies by departure
Bedouin on camel near pyramids shutterst

Ancient Kingdoms of Jordan & Egypt • March 24 - April 5, 2020

Tour Code: AKJE20

Many millenniums ago, the sands of the Middle East gave rise to the important cultures of the Nabateans, the Egyptians and the Nubians.  Intertwined by trading and empire-building, each of these civilizations has left amazing architecture and artifacts for the world to remember them.  Join us as we travel from Jordan where we’ll get to explore the Citadel of Amman and Petra, the gem of the Nabateans.  Then, we’ll visit the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt, and travel to the Southern regions of the Egyptian Nile where Nubian influences merge with ancient Egyptian, Ptolemaic and other African traditions in the temples and shrines of Lake Nassar.   This is a tour that will bring out the Indiana Jones in each of us. 
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Tour Cost:
$4,159 per person
double occupancy
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