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Covid Information & Protocols

As the clouds of uncertainty pass by, we are actively trying to stay on top of the Covid protocols and pertinent travel information required for your planned destination.  The good news is many countries and states are OPEN!  There are a few restrictions to meet in order to have the freedom of travel again, and we expect them to change often as the world is reopening. See below for links to protocols to various areas.  We can't wait to see you on the tour!! 

Proof of Vaccination

In order to travel, many countries, states and other places are now requiring proof of vaccination. Save time and send a copy to us early. We will hold it in a secure location and it will not be shared except as required for your tour. After your trip returns, this information will be destroyed.

How will you submit your Vaccine Card/Form?

Covid Information & Protocols
as gathered from Public Health and Boards of Tourism sources:
(Subject to change often as conditions change and we learn new procedures!)

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