Castles & Pop Culture

Castles of Germany & Austria • June 16 - 25, 2020

Tour Code: KGS20

“The castle looming high above the flowing river served as a beacon for the weary traveler, a vantage point to survey the landscape, and a symbol of the kingdoms strength.”  We’ll tour some of Europe’s most impressive castles, each a representation of the small kingdoms that once made up the map of the region we call Germany and Austria.  We’ll see strong, imposing castles built of massive grey stones, and lacey palaces filled with filigree and gold designs.  Along the way, we’ll also learn about the king of German vehicles, the Mercedes-Benz.  We’ll hear the music of Mozart in his hometown and explore the cities and villages that have grown up in the castles’ shadows.  Join us to explore your royal tendencies. (Note: This is a small group tour ~ 15 Passengers)
Burg Eltz castle shutterstock_736401910.
Tour Cost:
$4,499 per person
double occupancy

Wizarding World of England & Scotland June 22 - 30, 2020

Tour Code: MHP20


Explore the Wizarding Worlds featured in Harry Potter literature and films. We visit both England and Scotland, to see some of the series’ most iconic sites. We head towards Platform 9 ¾ at Kings Cross Station, Victorian Lendenhall Market, the Tower Bridge and more. We also tour sets from the film franchise and more at Warner Bros Studios. We take a side trip to Oxford, where many Hogwarts scenes were filmed. Then, it’s off to Scotland where we ride the Harry Potter Express train, visit the Writers Museum, and visit other memorable sites – including Loch Ness! This is a tour for Muggles of all ages – but space is limited. Don’t miss your chance!
Glenfinnan Railway Viaduct  shutterstock
Tour Cost:
$2,649 per person
double occupancy

Game of Travel: Westeros and the 7 Kingdoms Sample Itinerary

Tour Code: GOT20

Step into the world of Westeros and the Seven Kingdoms as we embark on this Game of Thrones themed tour (not affiliated with HBO).  Our tour of Ireland is packed with GOT sites, from the film sets and official tour of Linen Mills Studio to the real-life Castle Ward (aka Winterfell Castle), Inch Abbey and Strangford Lough.  Fans will have a bike ride through various shooting locations, an archery lesson, time with the direwolves, and a costumed medieval banquet (bring your own or choose on-site).  Our tour continues to the north and Giants’ Causeway, Dark Hedges and Larrybane Quarry.  We finish with Belfast and Dublin, and a final dinner featuring traditional Irish music, dancing and culinary fare.   “Winter is coming!”  Don’t miss your opportunity to enjoy these sites.  

abandoned jetty on strangford lough shut
Tour Cost:
$X,XXX per person
double occupancy
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